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The Patented Rapids Overflow Box, item #TM1352, efficiently skims the surface water of the aquarium, removing dissolved organics and other waste material to the filter where these contaminants and other impurities are broken down.  The only Surface Skimmer that delivers automatic filter stop and start in the event of electrical power loss.  This feature disrupts water flow, preventing aquarium water from draining back to the filter sump thus preventing flooding.

The multi directional return nozzle located at the lower corner of the overflow box consistently delivers optimum surface water movement, increasing gas exchange and keeping waste material in suspension until they are removed by the overflow system.   Adjustable gate provides optimum surface skimming.

Rated up to 900gph when used with other filter sumps.
Outflow hose diameter-1-1/8"

Return hose diameter-3/4"

Overflow Box measurements: 8-1/4" W and 6-1/2" D.



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